Oct 122007

One of my members asked about Russian Lunges the other day. He said he’s been doing forward and reverse (backward) lunges, but he didn’t know what Russian lunges are and how to do them.

So, I thought I’d post here quiclkly a short description if you happen to wonder the same thing (I’d much rather talk about Bulgarian (split) squats since I am Bulgarian, but… hey in the name of the sport of bodybuilding…).

Russian lunge execution:

Step with one of your legs about 3 feet in front of the other. Lower your body like in normal lunge. Rapidly push yourself up until both of your legs are in the air. Quickly switch legs so that when you land the opposite leg is in front of the leg you started with. Repeat.

Oh, well, Bulgarian explaining Russian lunges… I really hope I make sense.. If not, I count on your imagination.

Don't be shellfish...Russian LungesRussian LungesRussian LungesRussian LungesRussian LungesRussian Lunges
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Russian Lunges

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